Unearned Cash Discount Recovery and Collection

IAB recovers unearned cash discounts (UCD) taken by customers outside of your terms of sale. We educate your customers, correct terms discrepancies and enforce timely payment. Our focus on maximizing recovery improves your DSO.


Recover unearned cash discounts taken by your customers.

Enforce your prompt payment cash discount policy.

Reduce late payments and encourage terms compliance by customers who continue to deduct cash discounts.


  • IAB compiles data, calculates days late for every invoice, communicates directly with your Customer to request repayment and resolution.
  • IAB identifies which Customers routinely present a challenge (ie. taking UCDs).
  • IAB educates all of your Customers, large and small, that cash discount must be earned.
  • IAB uses our extensive experience in dealing with Customer resistance in all UCD related circumstances to bring closure to items such as:
    • Account in credit balance.
    • Receipt of Goods (ROG) vs. Date of Invoice (DOI).
    • Transit Time, Mail float and Bulk Mailers’ processing time.
    • Lockbox cash receipt vs. cash application; EFT vs. check.
    • Discount taken on Gross invoice value vs. Net of allowances.


  • Improved adherence to the Terms of Sale.
  • Lower DSO and reduced write-offs.
  • Significant dollars in recovered UCDs.
  • Increased profitability, cash flow and percentage of current A/R.
  • Improved customer service and customer behaviors.

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