Sales Tax Certificate Management

IAB Solutions provides fully managed and trained A/R analysts both on-site and/or off-site depending on your specific needs. The fee structure at IAB Solutions is dynamic and tailored to your specific assignment. Fees are typically productivity based and dependent on age, size and type of portfolio assigned.


Provide sales tax exemption certificate management solutions that will ensure compliance with individual state and local requirements.

Securely centralize, catalogue and monitor expiration dates of sales tax exemption certificates.

Prevent negative results of Sales Tax Compliance audits such as large assessments, penalties and interest.


  • IAB accumulates supporting documentation and catalogues all information.
  • IAB researches all customers without exemption certificates, updating files.
  • IAB coordinates with Tax, Credit and Sales departments ensuring the correct documentation is provided; questions are resolved in a timely manner.
  • IAB manages the data by customer and expiration date.
  • IAB contacts customers in advance of expiration maintaining continuity.


  • Improved customer service.
  • Elimination of mistakes caused by communication errors and out of date certificates.
  • Documents centrally located for quick access.
  • Organized files by state and expiration date whether Multi-jurisdictional, Streamlined or Blanket Certificates.

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