Accounts Receivable Process Review and Audit

IAB Solutions provides fully managed and trained A/R analysts both on-site and/or off-site depending on your specific needs. The fee structure for IAB’s accounts receivable process review and auditing is dynamic and tailored to your specific assignment. 


Improve the deduction resolution process.

Reduce Open Deduction balances.

Increase collections of unauthorized deductions.


  • IAB provides experienced accounts receivable managers to evaluate on-site processes, policies and procedures.
  • IAB’s accounts receivable process review and auditing incorporates leading industry best practices to determine areas of improvement.
  • IAB examines the document flow through all applicable departments and provides industry specific benchmark data.
  • IAB develops a full report summarizing the findings and providing recommendations for improvement.


  • Improved customer relationships and payment behavior.
  • Reduced unauthorized deductions.
  • Escheatment Avoidance
  • Improved work flow, quicker deduction resolution and reduced deduction balances.

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