Trade Revenue: Management, Recovery and Protection

IAB improves profitability by reconciling, identifying and recovering invalid trade related deductions and post audits. Our proactive approach protects your revenue and profit margins. Even with careful planning, unless you proactively monitor your trade spending, there is great potential for lost revenue. IAB’s experienced team frees your sales professionals to drive higher top line revenue by removing much of the administrative burden associated with event tracking. Your company will see improved settlement accuracy and recovery relating to promotions, pricing and post audits.


IAB’s three-way match process: date-product-price ensures proper settlement of trade funds.

IAB’s proprietary software system utilizes ERP and TPM systems along with industry networking software and applications to enhance returns on technology investments.

IAB’s services support your sales team through accounting of promotion funds, reconciliation of event spending and evaluation of complex pricing programs. Analysis of overspend situations provides potential recoveries as well as sales planning improvements.

IAB enables measurement of plan to performance, documenting all activity and reporting on resolution and recovery.


  • IAB improves profitability by identifying and recovering invalid trade related deductions, including post audit prevention.
  • 30 Years of experience plus productivity based pricing.
  • Use of post audit task force to provide up-to-date information about third party auditors and practices. Clients gain competitive advantages and higher recovery percentages.
  • Reconciles trade promotion events and pricing programs to properly allocate funding and identify opportunities for recovery protecting revenue and profit margins.


  • IAB initiatives include information exchange with sales, customer service and trading partners. Root cause analysis helps reduce the velocity of incoming invalid deductions.
  • Settlement accuracy improves as it relates to trade promotions; allowances and pricing to ensuring funds are accounted for and allocated properly.
  • Minimize future post audits by benchmarking and process improvement suggestions.

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