Shared Services / Outsource Safety Net

IAB Solutions provides fully managed and trained A/R analysts both on-site and/or off-site depending on your specific needs. The fee structure at IAB Solutions is dynamic and tailored to your specific assignment. Fees are typically productivity based and dependent on age, size and type of portfolio assigned.


IAB provides a safety net for deduction recovery performed in a shared service center or outsource arrangement.

IAB reviews customer deductions that have been closed as part of your standard deduction resolution process in an effort to reduce loss. Whether cleared via credit memo or write off, IAB will identify potential recoveries, allowing you the opportunity to offset previous deduction resolution expense.


  • IAB reviews cleared/closed deductions and invoices to identify trends or recovery potential.
  • IAB conducts the necessary actions on the assigned claims. This includes sending or following up on denial letters or requesting further documentation to substantiate the claims.
  • IAB will continue to follow-up until resolution is achieved.
  • IAB documents all activity, reporting on resolution and recovery results on a monthly basis.


  • Provides management with an independent review and peace of mind.
  • IAB experienced resources provide consistent work flow prior to conversions to avoid significant backlogs.
  • Increased cash flow and profitability

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