Post Audit Deduction Resolution

IAB identifies post audits deducted or submitted by internal or third-party auditors, accumulates supporting documentation and establishes contact with the correct representative. Our team thoroughly researches all related issues, determines the validity of the claims, maximizing recoveries, and provides root cause analysis for future prevention.


Rapidly and efficiently manage your customer’s post audit deductions, both taken and pre-notified.

Allows your staff to focus on current deduction resolution and recovery.


  • IAB identifies post audit deductions and chargebacks, accumulates supporting documentation and analyzes all pertinent information.
  • IAB researches issues quickly, interfaces with appropriate systems, and establishes contact with the correct customer or third party representative.
  • IAB provides documentation that denies claims and requests repayment, or requests further documentation to substantiate claims, following up until resolved.
  • IAB documents all activity, reports on resolution and recovery results, as well as provides root cause analysis on a monthly basis.
  • IAB’s rich network of deduction experts regularly shares their Best Practices to assure improved results.


  • Improved recovery and prevention rate for post audit deductions.
  • Increased focus on post audits reducing the likelihood you will become a target for these deductions.
  • Improved Customer behaviors.
  • Lower DSO, lower DDO and reduced write-offs.
  • Increased cash flow and percentage of current A/R.

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