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We research and recover your challenging customer deductions and chargebacks, while providing you with valuable insights and the confidence that you are obtaining all the revenue to which you are entitled. 

IAB is the most experienced service provider bringing to bear the greatest resources focused on deduction management. Since 1984, IAB has been serving many of the most highly regarded global companies. Our teams are entirely domestic, allowing us to be highly responsive to your needs, easy for you to partner with, and absolutely reliable under all circumstances.



IAB proudly partners with companies in the consumer packaged goods industry
  • Food & Beverage
  • Personal Care Products
  • Household Products
  • Dairy Products
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Apparel
  • Electronics
  • Furniture
  • Paper Goods
  • And Many More



Over $3.7 Billion in Deductions

Managed for our Clients


Post Audit Validation & Recovery

Logistics Deduction Disputes

Resolved Deduction Review & Recovery

Aged Deduction & Chargeback Management

Shared Services Outsource Safety Net

Trade Revenue Reconciliation & Recovery

Unearned Cash Discount Collections

First Party Invoice Collection

What People Are Saying

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"IAB has provided my areas of responsibilities with various services at two locations over the past twelve years. Partnering with them has been critical to our success. They are attentive to our needs and capabilities and adjust their approach accordingly. We assign them post audits, UCD's, military invoice collections and traffic issues as an extension of our departments. In dealing with customers, carriers and our staff, their professionalism, service levels and results exceeded our expectations for each assignment."

Director Financial Services
Fortune 500 Consumer Products manufacturer
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"Our company has partnered with IAB since 1997. Through their focus, analytical approach and customizable reporting, we have been able to more closely track our shortage related deductions and determine trends that have proven valuable in partnering with our customers. Their tenacity ensures that we recover invalid deductions and prevents us from becoming a target. This has resulted in a highly successful partnership for me and my department. I would highly recommend IAB to any company."

Customer Service Manager
A leading food crafting company
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"We have enjoyed our partnership with IAB for more than a decade. In that time we have enjoyed the benefit of their experience in navigating issues that threaten our cash flow and P & L, as well as innovative approaches to new trends in customer payment issues. The team at IAB has added value to our organization and helped protect the bottom line."

Director of Customer Financial Services
Multi-Billion Dollar Convenient Foods Manufacturer
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"We greatly value the integrity, professionalism and service IAB has provided us over the years. In our experience, IAB strives to exceed customer expectations by maintaining the highest possible standards of client care. IAB is a valued partner with (us) and have our backs covered whenever called upon."

Credit Manager
Multi Million dollar International Fruit Juice Cooperative
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"I have been partnering with IAB since 1995 and have found their services to be invaluable. Their customer service approach and tenacity to get to the root causes of deductions has proven to be a win-win combination for me and my department. Their efforts have helped streamline our processes, increased our percentage of repayments on logistic deductions, and helped reduce the amount of incoming shortage deductions. With their help we have significantly reduced the aging and amount of customer disputes and have our disputes under control, with no amount too small to validate or to pursue reimbursement. I would highly recommend IAB to any company that finds themselves faced with accounts receivable challenges."

Accounts Receivable Director
Multi billion dollar power tools and accessories manufacturer

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