First Party Invoice Collection

IAB supports your collection department by assuming responsibilities for lower tier customer collection efforts, collection of aged invoices that have not been pursued, or other functions that would allow more productive allocation of your resources.


Reduce number of small balance collection calls made by your staff, allowing them to focus on their key accounts and problem accounts.

Coordinate with and assist your collection department in the recovery of invoices that are beginning to age.

Reduce amount being written off to bad debt due to inability to follow-up consistently in the collection of small balance accounts.

Help with increased volume of past due customers due to acquisitions and / or mergers.


  • IAB identifies deductions and chargebacks at a predetermined age, accumulates supporting documentation and analyzes all pertinent information.
  • IAB researches issues quickly, interfacing with appropriate systems, and establishing contact with the correct customer representative.
  • IAB provides documentation that denies claims and requests repayment, or requests further documentation to substantiate claims and provides follow-up until resolved.
  • IAB documents all activity, reports on resolution and recovery results on a monthly basis.


  • Improved recovery rate.
  • Lower DSO and DDO.
  • Increased cash flow & profitability.
  • Improved customer service.

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