• Our Client needed to collect and maintain records of their customer’s Resale Tax Exemption Certificates.
  • A database was needed to create and maintain the records of the documents received. This database also had to be accessible for viewing by different departments.


  • Mass mailings had to be sent out to the different customers (Over 5,000). Over 8,000 certificates had to be collected.
  • Once the documents were received, they had to be scanned in order to be hyperlinked to the database.
  • Creating a database that could house the information retrieved, along with the hyperlinked items.
  • Once forms were obtained, we had to make sure that they were in compliance with the Department of Revenue in their respective state.


  • Mass mailing sent to the parent accounts. Many had “Multijurisdictional” certificates which covered all of their “ship to” addresses.
  • Contact information was collected for future updates (expired certificates)
  • An Access database (with hyperlinks to the documents) was created on the clients shared drive (read only) for the other departments to view if needed.


  • Our actions resulted in our client having access to the Sales Exemption Certificates within seconds.
  • Our information successfully assisted in 3 different state tax audits.
  • With the database created, we are able to maintain and update information, and request updates on expired certificates.