Serena Williams said she’s retiring from playing pro tennis once she plays the US Open this month.
One thing that will live on is the fierce competitor’s legendary diet.
Here’s what the 23-time Grand Slam champ likes to eat for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks.

Before a game, Williams “usually can’t” eat and says it may be down to nerves. But if she was going to have a meal, it would be a “protein and carb” combo like turkey sausage and baked potato.

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When Williams is away from the court, she might order a delicious and healthy-looking platter for breakfast including smoothies and fruits.

Wonderful breakfast at one of my favorite spots #villard. Thanks! @newyorkpalace

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It’s not all clean-eating, though. Williams has an obvious sweet tooth and won’t hesitate to put away a beignet, which is basically a deep-fried nugget of sugary dough.

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When it comes to lunches, or general snacking, Williams never refuses a taco — and they are an ever-present feature of the tennis champion’s Instagram.

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Williams once said on Facebook: “I want tacos. Everyday I want tacos. I don’t know what to do? Is there help for someone that wants to eat tacos everyday?”

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If tacos aren’t on the menu and Williams wanted to celebrate a tennis success, she has said she would order a cheese pizza and french fries.

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But sometimes nothing beats home cooking and, for Williams, that means her mother’s chicken, rice, and gravy.

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If Williams is doing the cooking, then she likes to wow her friends and family with a number of dishes. “For years I was always making gumbo for everyone,” she told Bon Appétit. “My other go-to dishes are something I call a ‘seven-bean delight’ which really only has five beans, but don’t tell. And roasted chicken with garlic.”

Source: Bon Appetit

Aside from tacos, there is another food Williams is obsessed with — moon pie. “I love moon pies,” she told Bon Appétit. “If ‘Moon Pie’ sponsored me, I’d be bigger than any house on this planet! I love the originals: banana, chocolate, or vanilla. Now I really want a Moon Pie!”

Why oh why am I so in love with you dear Mr. Moon Pie?

A post shared by Serena Williams (@serenawilliams) on Apr 1, 2012 at 8:28pm PDTApr 1, 2012 at 8:28pm PDT

Source: Bon Appetit

Serena Williams may be retiring from playing pro tennis, but her love for tacos and moon pie will forever live on.Serena Williams.

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