Insider reviewed most of the items on the menu in the Costco food court.

We went to a Costco store in south London for the first time and tried its food court.
We bought most of the items on the menu and tried Costco’s famous hot dog.
Read our review to see which Costco food staples came out on top and those that failed to impress.

Costco is one of the largest retailers in the world and has around 29 locations in the UK. Despite this, our visit to the membership-only store was our first.A general view of Costco, Imperial Way, Croydon.

Source: Deloitte’s 2021 Global Powers of Retailing

We dined in the food court, a beloved feature of Costco stores, and indulged in most of the items on the menu.Costco food court in UK.
After wandering around the massive warehouse, we had built up an appetite for Costco’s food, conveniently located beyond the tills. The smell of freshly baked pizzas made the wait even longer.Pizzas being baked.
We were surprised at how cheap the food was — especially the £1.50 ($1.80) hot dog, which came with a refillable drink.Price of hot dog at Costco food court, UK.
There was also an offer for a “Family Bundle,” which included an 18-inch pizza, garlic bread, and a two-litre bottle of Pepsi for £12.99 ($15.95).Sign for family bundle of food in Costco food court, UK.
First up, we tucked into a slice of the pepperoni pizza, which cost £1.85 ($2.27). It was quite greasy but this didn’t put us off eating it. Overall, we rated it 8/10.The slices were a very generous size.
There was also the option to buy an 18-inch takeaway pizza for £8.95 ($10.99) with either pepperoni, BBQ chicken, and five cheese as toppings.Pizza sign at Costco food court, UK.
We then took a bite of the chicken bake, a breaded log filled with chicken, cheese, bacon, and a Caesar dressing. It cost £3.25 ($3.97).Chicken bake.
Despite the chicken bake’s large fanbase, we were not impressed. Not only did it look unappetizing to us, but it also left a strange aftertaste and was difficult to eat because it was long and floppy. We gave it 3/10.The filling was dry.
We also tried the double fillet chicken sandwich. A burger filled with two pieces of breaded chicken, cheese, lettuce, and tomato. It cost £3.95 ($4.78).Burger in Costco UK
The sandwich ended up pretty high on our list. Covered in BBQ sauce and mayonnaise, it was very flavorsome. We rated it 7/10, despite the size making it difficult to eat.Burger in Costco food court.
The hot dog was the winner for us. What struck us at first was the price. Soaring inflation has triggered Costco to hike the price of some of its food court staples. However, a representative for the retailer previously confirmed to Insider that it had no intention of raising the £1.50 deal.Hot dog at Costco food court, UK.
The bun-to-dog ratio was unbeatable. There was also the right amount of ketchup and mustard, making it the most moreish hot dog we’ve ever eaten. The only downside was that the bun got slightly soggy. We rated it 9/10.Insider reporter Kate Duffy holding a Costco hot dog.
With mains over, we turned to desserts. The £1.70 ($2) strawberry ice cream sundae was refreshing but unbelievably sweet with sauce and white chocolate flakes on top. The portion was also humongous, so we gave it 5/10.Ice cream sundae in Costco food court, UK.
Lastly, from the food court’s drinks selection, we tried the mango smoothie. It was delicious, cold, and refreshing, we gave it 8/10. A perfect after-meal snack or side to wash down your meal.Mango drink from Costco food court, UK.
Costco’s food court is enduringly popular with its members, partly due to the company’s commitment to low food prices. The hot dog and soda combo meal has cost $1.50 at US Costco food courts since 1985 and £1.50 in the UK since 1993.Costco food laid out on a table.
Overall, it was Costco’s hot dog that stole the show. It was an absolute winner. The sausage and bun were a match made in heaven, and the very reasonable price made it taste that bit nicer.Hot dog and burger from Costco.
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