Walmart partnered with growing hospitality company Getaway to open micro Walmart stores on wheels.
The General Store by Walmart will sell items vacationers may have forgotten to pack.
The stores will open at five Getaway locations by the end of this year.

Walmart is now downsizing.

But to peruse its inventory, you’ll have to drive into nature and two hours away from major cities like Los Angeles and New York.

The world’s largest retailer has partnered with Getaway — a rapidly growing chain of tiny cabin rentals — to open mini Walmart stores on wheels near some of Getaway’s locations across the US, the retail giant announced in late July.

Source: Getaway

To pay homage to the partnership, the new “General Store by Walmart” concept will adopt a matte black exterior synonymous with Getaway’s Instagrammable cabins.

But inside, there will be no television sets or furniture for sale.

Instead, think of the Walmart on wheels as a convenience store designed to sell items travelers’ may have neglected to pack.

Forgot a snack? The General Store by Walmart will have the perfect selection to quell your cravings.

Did you remember your food but forget your cast iron skillet to cook campfire meals? The mini Walmart on wheels also has you covered.

Inside, the store will also carry hiking equipment, coolers, toiletries, and even cameras.

The Walmart on wheels will launch this fall at Getaway Outposts in popular destinations like Big Bear, California, the western Catskills in New York, and the Ozarks in Missouri.

The retail giant isn’t known for its ventures into the travel industry, but according to Brock Manheim, an associate director at Walmart US, working in the hospitality space allows the brand to associate itself with “meaningful experiences” like vacationing in a Getaway cabin.

And there’s no better time to partner with Getaway, which exclusively operates in remote locations under a two-hour drive from major cities.A Getaway cabin.

Hospitality companies that give city dwellers a place to vacation off-grid and in nature have skyrocketed in popularity over the last few years, and Getaway is no exception.

Source: Insider, Yahoo Finance

The company has been seeing “almost unlimited demand,” John Staff, its founder and CEO, told Yahoo Finance in early July, with occupancy rates reaching 93% in 2021.

Source: Yahoo Finance, Getaway

And on the heels of this success, Getaway now has plans to launch nine new “Outposts” across the US by the end of 2022, growing its portfolio to over 28 locations and 1,000 cabins.

Source: Getaway

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