Amtrak has announced a new cafe menu for the Northeast Corridor and longer train routes.
Amtrak is slashing the price of select menu items despite inflation and rising food costs.
See the menu items, which include egg bites, more vegan options, and fresh vegetables.

Dining on a long-haul Amtrak just became a bit more luxurious. And be warned: Don’t scroll any further if you’re hungry.

Amtrak has announced a new cafe menu. Despite inflation and rising food costs, some of these new meals will come at a reduced price.

Source: Amtrak

Starting Wednesday, the refreshed offerings will be available on Amtrak’s Northeast Corridor trains like the Acela as well as Amtrak’s “Long Distance” trains like the California Zephyr.

Source: Amtrak

And there’s no need to fear stale prepackaged food or a list of microwave dinner options.

The new menu now has more snacks, hot and cold meals with fresh fruit and vegetables …

… as well as more vegan options and non-alcoholic drinks like juices, sodas, and La Colombe coffee.

Source: Twitter

Don’t worry — you’ll still be able to order your favorite alcoholic beverages, whether it be a White Claw, IPA, or margarita.The White Claw slushie first started appearing on TikTok in April.

For breakfast, travelers can now opt for an egg sandwich on a bialy or some bacon and cheese egg bites made popular by Starbucks.

And for a light lunch or dinner, you can pick between two new vegan options: an Asian inspired noodle bowl or corn tamale.

If you prefer a heavier meal, there’s always the smoked turkey and havarti sandwich or a cheese stromboli.

Looking for a light snack? Settle on the crudities, cheese and cracker board, or beef jerky.

And luckily for travelers’ wallets, unlike most restaurants, cafes, or grocery stores, Amtrak’s menu prices aren’t increasing.

Instead, meals will now be cheaper. The cost for a sandwich and salad on Amtrak’s Acela and Northeast Regional trains will be slashed between $0.50 to $1.50.

For most other food items, the price will remain the same.

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