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The entire staff of a Texas county’s elections department has resigned, The Fredericksburg Standard-Radio Post reported.
Employees said they were stalked and harassed following the 2020 elections. 
The county is now working to figure out how to hold elections without an elections department. 

Gillespie County, Texas, is trying to work out a way to hold elections without an elections department after its entire staff quit due to threats and stalking tied to falsehoods about the 2020 election, The Fredericksburg Standard-Radio Post reported.

“We have some people who are pretty fanatical and radical about things,” Gillespie County Judge Mark Stroeher told the Standard-Radio Post. “Unfortunately, they have driven out our elections administrator, and not just her, but the staff. Everybody has resigned.”

Gillespie County didn’t respond to Insider’s request for comment. 

The elections administrator was Anissa Herrera, who had been in the job since 2019, according to the report. But following the 2020 election, Herrera told the Standard-Radio Post that “death threats” began being directed her way. 

“I was threatened, I’ve been stalked, I’ve been called out on social media,” Herrera told the Standard-Radio Post.

Some members of the department who experienced similar threats told the paper that they hired personal security guards. 

“Elections are getting so nasty and it’s getting dangerous,” Stroeher told the Standard-Radio Post. 

The county is still trying to figure out its plan for the upcoming November elections, according to the report. Currently, its website reads “tbd” under the section reserved for the elections administrator. 


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